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Evershell Overseas Inc. offers packaging for almond, they distribute almond in wholesale, Evershell Overseas Inc almonds comes in with 10kg and 25 kg package. We have extensive knowledge of smart, cost efficient and sustainable Dry Fruits packaging solutions for all its clients related to almonds. Packaging solutions we offer are excellently attractive, and are climate resistant to offer the excellent shelf life of these sensitive and expensive food products

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We should probably start with the very important fact that almonds are not, in fact, nuts. They are actually the seed of a fruit from an almond tree...
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Pistachio, also known as pistachio, is a thick and tasty nut. It is actually the seed-kernel of a fruit which is green in color...
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Evershell Overseas provides walnuts, Walnuts are one of the many dry fruits we offer. Our walnuts have a thin shell...
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